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Tropo Changes

Posted on April 25, 2018 by Sanjiv Parikh

Three years ago, Cisco acquired Tropo to build out a set of world-class developer tools and create a vibrant developer community focused on innovative collaboration solutions.

We are pleased with the success achieved and are proud of our accomplishments, including:

  • Cisco Webex for Developers (formerly Cisco Spark for Developers), which delivers APIs, SDKs, and widgets for Webex Teams and soon for the entire Cisco Webex platform.
  • Webex App Hub (formerly Cisco Spark Depot), a marketplace where developers showcase bots and integrations that enhance the Cisco Webex experience.
  • Webex Teams Ambassadors (formerly Cisco Spark Ambassadors) and other programs to engage our powerful developer community and ecosystem partners.
  • The $150M Webex Innovation Fund (formerly Cisco Spark Innovation Fund), to foster exciting new projects.

As we’ve engaged Cisco’s broader developer community, we’ve found solutions that use Tropo voice and SMS capabilities to augment Cisco products resonate extremely well with customers.  In particular, integrations and bots that leverage Tropo voice and SMS alongside Webex Teams’ core meeting and messaging capabilities have been very popular. To that end, we’re excited to extend an invitation to all Tropo developers to sign up for a free Webex account and begin exploring Webex for Developers.

As we focus on developers that use Tropo to enhance their Cisco-enabled solutions we are making some changes to how developers consume Tropo products going forward. One change is that we will ask all new developers to submit a form describing their ISV solution as part of the account creation process.

We look forward to seeing all the exciting ways Tropo’s incredible developer community will innovate with Webex.  For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us at

New Policies for Phone Numbers

Posted on February 28, 2018 by Sanjiv Parikh

In order to ensure that our developers have access to a geographically diverse pool of numbers, we changed the way we handle phone number availability in the free development environment.

  • Applications in this environment will only be able to add a limited amount of United States PSTN phone numbers per account. Accounts with no credit card information will be limited to 2 phone numbers. Developers who have added a credit card to their account may associate up to 30 phone numbers across all their development applications, at no cost.
  • For access to more numbers, toll-free numbers, or international numbers, please move your app to the production environment, upgrading your account by providing your billing credentials in the portal as necessary.
  • We will soon be announcing a policy to automatically recover phone numbers associated with developer applications that have not been used for a significant time period. Developers who wish to guarantee access to their numbers are encouraged to move their applications to our production environment.

February-2018 Price Changes for Voice calling

Posted on February 12, 2018 by Sanjiv Parikh

At Tropo, it’s an ongoing effort to provide most competitive pricing without compromising the platform reliability and quality. We are excited to announce our recent prices changes where we have reduced voice calling rates to over 2000+ destinations. In order to align with our vendor cost, we have also increased our voice calling rates to 30+ destinations.

These price changes will be applied automatically on all paid accounts starting from February 13, 2018. Customers that have an Enterprise Contract with defined international pricing will not be impacted by this change while their contract remains in force.
Here’s a summary of price changes:

  • Rates increased: 36 destinations across France, Spain, Luxembourg, Turkey, Argentina
  • Rates reduced: 2410 destinations across Romania

How these rate changes will impact you depends on the countries and regions where you do your calling. Some of our customers will see their bills go down and some will see their bills go up.  If your traffic is done primarily in the United States, you should see no change.  There will also be no impact who do not use Tropo for outbound voice calling.Please refer to the following files for the list of destinations impacted by this price change. anticipate that our rates will change from time to time as our vendor costs go up and down and we will update this blog with changes in advance so you can plan accordingly. Thanks for working with Tropo!