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OpenGov hackathon wrapup (and the winners!)

Posted on August 23, 2010 by Adam Kalsey

Saturday and Sunday, a bunch of developers wrapped up Seattle Geek Week by participating in an hackathon to build apps with government APIs and data. Here’s what you missed…

Tropo fueled the hacking by providing plenty of food and drink. We had several developers around to help people with their projects, as did Socrata. Amazon stopped by for a bit, and Bill Schrier (Seattle’s CTO) and Sarah Schacht (Executive Director of Knowledge is Power) came by to offer ideas and see what people were working on.

At 4:30pm on Sunday all the teams came up to demo their apps. Troy Davis‘s entry SirenSpotter shows you what police and fire activity is happening near you right now. Russell Branca created an app that shows city-owned landmarks on a map and pulls in nearby photos for each landmark. A team led by Socrata’s Chris Metcalf built Notifyre, a tool that will call you if the fire department responds to a 911 call at your house.

The two apps that won the hackathon were ChatterCast, an entry from Amber Case and Aaron Parecki, and GeoNotify from Max Ogden, Reid Beels, and Russell Branca.

ChatterCast, which won the Socrata prize of an iPad, uses Instamapper to track your phone and compares your location to 911 and other data provided by the City of Seattle using Socrata’s platform. When you enter an area that has something going on, ChatterCast uses Tropo to sends a text message to your phone, alerting you to the activity.

GeoNotify won the Tropo prize, including a Flip Mino HD and a year’s membership to Animoto Pro. Their app allows you to draw a shape on a map and subscribe to SMS alerts for things that happen inside that shape. Get road closure and traffic alerts for things that happen along your commute. Find out when public activities take place at a nearby park. The app uses data from the city of Portland and sends SMS alerts through Tropo.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks so much for everyone that participated in the Hackathon and helped out with making it a success.

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4 Responses

  1. Troy says:

    Thanks for hosting it, guys. I renamed SirenSpotter to RubbrNeckr, and it’s now up in production:

    All kinds of goodness for your mobile rubbernecking needs. Source code:

  2. Max Ogden says:

    The hackathon was great! I am looking forward to more in the future.

    If anyone wants the code or more information about GeoNotify, it’s available on the github page here

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