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Hot and tasty Tropo docs, fresh out the oven.

Posted on January 7, 2011 by Justin Dupree

Documentation is an ever evolving piece of any product – new features need new docs, old features get fresh updates, new approaches get implemented that change the scope and vision of documentation all together.  As of today, Tropo reflects all three of those concepts in our new Scripting documentation.  The new docs focus on simplicity, ease of navigation and increased usability to help both new and existing Tropo developers get even more out of their applications.

Here’s a few highlights:

Now if you want to find out how to send a text message, it’s set aside as an independent Quickstart, easy to find, easy to use:

Same goes for all the typical uses we’ve seen for Tropo, like making a call, playing audio files, asking a question, creating a conference call – they’re each covered in their own stand alone page with easy to read and fully functional examples (in JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python and Groovy).

Speaking of examples, they’re now all displayed in a new, totally fantastic tabbed interface, enabling you to select the language of your preference and hide the rest; better yet, when you move from Quickstart to Quickstart, your language selection follows you.

We also made some formatting changes, added additional screenshots where warranted, tweaked the font and the spacing  – little changes in the scope of the much larger modifications, but it’s often the little things that make a good experience great.

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