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$40,000 in prizes up for grabs. Win with your source code.

Posted on January 29, 2011 by Adam Kalsey

Binpress is a new startup that’s built a marketplace for code. Sell your code, buy code from others. Whether you have a content management system, a plugin for WordPress or Drupal, or a great new UI widget built with jQuery, Binpress helps you market and sell your code. They take care of the license agreements, the ecommerce, and all the hassles associated with selling software.

To kick off their marketplace, they’re running a developer contest with $40,000 in prizes. They came to Tropo, wondering if we might be interested in providing a prize for the best code in one of the languages they support: PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Java, Python, or

Hmm, that list of languages looks pretty familiar. Tropo lets you host your code in PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Groovy (a Java-based scripting language), or Python. We have code libraries for our REST and WebAPI platforms using .Net, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Node.js.

We jumped right in and offered to sponsor not one language, but all of them. While we’re at it, we’re kicking in prizes for the rest of the contest, too.

Build the best app in one of Binpress’s languages and Binpress will give you $350 and a $100 Tropo credit for production usage. Win the Grand Prize — the best of show, as it were — and they’ll give you $1000 in Tropo credit. The second and third place winners will get $500 and $250 in Tropo credit, respectively.

There’s a whole lot of prizes totaling over $40,000, including service vouchers from Amazon Web Services, Media Temple, Sendgrid, Github, and Zencoder, cash from Conduit and Microsoft, and books from O’Reilly and Wrox.

Go jump in and build something awesome. You’ve got a month to create your masterpiece and win.

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