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Pitching to Win at Philly Startup Weekend

Posted on January 29, 2011 by Adam Kalsey

At Startup Weekend, making a pitch is a core part of the event.

We at Tropo thought it would be a great way to underscore the importance of making a pitch to fund a startup by helping Startup Weekend participants see some great pitching of another kind.

Tropo will award the top three teams at Startup Weekend Philadelphia with the most innovative use of the Tropo platform with tickets to see the Philadelphia Phillies at home in Citizens Bank Park during the 2011 season.

This season, the Phillies will field one of the most talented (and feared) pitching rotations in all of baseball when the “big three” of 2010 National League Cy Young Award Winner Roy Halliday, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamles are joined by Cliff Lee. The return of Lee to the rotation will make 2011 a Phillies season that is not to be missed.

Before you make your pitch at Startup Weekend Philadelphia, find out how you can see one of the best pitching rotations ever assembled.

Find Mark Headd at the Startup Weekend event. Hell be around all weekend, including at our Startup Drinkup on Friday night.

Good luck to all the Startup Weekend participants!

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