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Tweetchat Mobile Lookup Powered by Tropo

Posted on February 15, 2011 by Adam Kalsey

Twitter chats – also known as “tweetchats” – are meetings on Twitter. They are usually moderated by an individual or group and meet at a set time each week or each month. They can be on any topic, and they are sometimes associated with businesses or non-profits. Tweetchats have been described as a way to “filter out the chaotic mass of tweets” to focus on a specific topic.

Tweetchats are very popular, but many Twitter users don’t know what they are or how to participate in them. In simplest terms, tweet chats are online conversations, typically held at a pre-arranged time, between a group of Twitter users, and using a specific Twitter hashtag to identify the discussion.

Eric Bryant, Director at Gnosis Arts Multimedia Communications LLC, recently reached out to me on Twitter to share with me a link consisting of existing Tweet Chat time schedules for people to get started and participate in these chats online.  If you participate in Tweetchats, then you know how hard it is to remember the dates – especially seeing as how they’re growing so fast and there are so many of them in existence already.  Anyone can edit the Wiki, all you need to do is create an account.

So here is where Tropo comes in!  Eric and his team created a Tweetchat Mobile Lookup application.

Text a hashtag or a day to 1.513.655.2216 and it will send you the day/time of the tweetchat. Your mobile number is encrypted and never seen or stored.

Now you will never worry about missing a Tweetchat again 🙂

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