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Charlie Sheen’s Personal Assistant

Posted on March 14, 2011 by Justin Dupree

Good news, everybody! Tropo is finally surging with the power of tigerblood!  Charlie Sheen has personally asked us to create an automated personal assistant (Editor’s note: No, he didn’t.) to help field the immense response to his social media might.  This personal assistant application will be used extensively by the future Sheen intern (Editor’s note: No, it won’t.) in their quest to counter the ever dangerous influence of Vatican Assassins and Corporate Trolls.

Call Mr. Sheen on his cell phone, leave him a voice recording, send him a text message or listen to his winning wisdom – your choice, it’s got it all!  But enough quasi-hyperbolizing (Editor’s note: that’s a real word.) – we proudly present to you the Charlie Sheen Personal Assistant™, built using Tropo, Ruby, samples from Soundboard and our own considerable wit.  Call it using the exclusive Las Vegas number:

(702) 751-0349

or use Skype and call it here:


or use SIP and call it here:

We’ll even let you blatantly steal the code for this shining example of magnificence; it’s posted up on our Github.  Note that the audio files are inaccessible to the public – they’re saved to our Tropo account and only accessible by Tropo apps on that account (see this page for more info on hosting audio files with Tropo).  We also make extensive use of SSML, which we cover in more detail here.

Enjoy, but use responsibly.  Charlie’s made it clear – if you abuse this service, you will face his Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat, and nobody wants to see that.   Except maybe Jon Cryer.

2 Responses

  1. erik seidenglanz says:

    the number does not work.

    • Justin Dupree says:

      Just did a quick test on it and it worked okay for me – do you get a busy signal, does it go to dead air?

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