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JavaScript Remote Call Center Solution: Part 3

Posted on March 28, 2011 by Team Tropo

As promised in a previous post, this entry will conclude a series we started over on the Phono blog discussing an effort to build a remote call center solution in JavaScript.

In the latest post of that series, we used Asterisk (the open source telephony platform) to make a call to a remote agent with a Phono instance open in their browser. Our call was routed to the remote Phono instance courtesy of Node.js and CouchDB.

In the screncast below, I’ll talk about how you can run an Asterisk AGI application with the Tropo platform.

In the JavaScript remote call center solution we’ve been talking about in this series, our Asterisk FastAGI script is written in Node.js.

Regardless of the language or framework used, you can run your AGI solution through Tropo using AGItate.

For detailed instruction on how to set up and use AGItate to run your Asterisk AGI application on the Tropo platform, check out this earlier post.

So, if you are looking to start a remote call center business, or if you want to work on getting a solution in place for your company, there has never been an easier way to get started.

Tropo and Phono coupled with powerful tools like CouchDB, Node,js and Asterisk can form the basis for a sophisticated call center application.

Any one of the components discussed in this series can be run either in your own data center, or hosted remotely in the cloud. The choice of how to deploy and operate a solution of this type is completely up to you.

Make sure you visit the GitHub repository for this solution – fork it, modify it, make it your own.

Drop us a line if we can help, or just send a pull request.

We’re excited to see what developers can do with this powerful combination of technologies!

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