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Tropo AGItate v0.1.7 Released

Posted on April 22, 2011 by Jason Goecke

Thanks to some commits by Ben Klang of Adhearsion and MojoLingo fame, we have a new release of the Tropo AGItate script. Version 0.1.7 now includes release notes, with changes that include:

  • Add framework for “magic” channel variables. This supports things like CALLERID(all) vs. CALLERID(name) vs. CALLERID(num) that all have overlap in Asterisk. We now try to do the right thing when setting or reading each variation. More special variables can be easily added.
  • Enhanced Dial compatibility:  Allow setting the CallerID on outbound calls, set DIALSTATUS based on Tropo response and clean up parsing of dial string
  • Set the default AGI port if unspecified in the YAML
  • Update to RSpec 2
  • Allow detecting the Tropo dialed number for incoming calls (agi_dnid)
  • Fix fatal missing error on SIP failover failure
  • Update unit tests for new functionality; fix broken unit tests
  • Rspec tests now require JRuby v1.5.x or better

You may grab the latest script from Github here. As a refresher, AGItate is a script that emulates the Asterisk AGI protocol on Tropo. Allowing you to use frameworks like Adhearsion or Asterisk-Java with Tropo.

We are also cooking up some interesting developments for the Adhearsion community with Ben, so stay tuned!

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