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Routing GoogleVoice to Tropo and OpenVoice

Posted on April 27, 2011 by Adam Kalsey

Do you have a GoogleVoice phone number?  Would you like to route it to your Tropo application?

You can permanently port your GoogleVoice phone number to your Tropo application by submitting a ticket to our Provisioning team via the GetHelp link in the Tropo portal but I would like to show you how to temporarily route your GoogleVoice number to Tropo.

In this screencast, I use a few unnecessary (but fun) geeky apps like Skype (to place PSTN calls) and Blink (for receiving SIP calls).  I also route my GoogleVoice number to @Zlu’s OpenVoice application.  OpenVoice is an open source GoogleVoice clone that runs on Tropo and also integrates with our Phono webphone!  It’s built using Ruby on Rails and its source code is available on Github at  (OpenVoice also has an Android app available so check it out!)

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