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Announcing New lower SMS pricing

Posted on May 11, 2011 by Adam Kalsey

Ever since Tropo became the first phone API to SMS enable existing voice phone numbers, we’ve been signing up SMS developers at a breakneck pace. When asked what you love about Tropo, you said the ease of use, unbelievable support, and our low pricing are the biggest reasons you use Tropo’s text messaging API to build applications.

Now you’ll love Tropo even more. Starting immediately, we’re cutting the price of US SMS services in half. When using a Tropo US number or shortcode and sending to a US number, you’ll only pay one cent per message. Incoming messages to your US Tropo numbers or shortcodes are also 1 cent each. Text messages sent to outside the US are 2 cents per message, regardless of the destination. No minimums, no commitments…and as always, development usage is completely free.

Because of you, we’re sending a huge volume of SMS each month. With volume comes cost savings, and we’re passing those savings on to you. This new pricing is effective immediately – there’s nothing you need to do to take advantage of it.

Using Tropo for SMS

Haven’t used Tropo’s SMS API before? It couldn’t be easier. The same API that you’re using for voice applications works with SMS, too.

Sending a message can be just like making a phone call:

call('+14155551212', array('network' => 'SMS'));
say('d00d, Penny SMS? ');

You can also use the message function as a shortcut. This is especially useful if you want to send a message while you’re on a phone call. An example in Ruby:

message "txting is ez!" {:to => "+14155551212", :network => "SMS"}

Our documentation has examples in a number of languages for sending SMS and receiving incoming messages for your coding pleasure.


Are you sending a large volume of text messages? Have needs that fall outside the acceptable use of SMS from a regular phone number? Tropo offers dedicated shortcodes for US or Canada – they’re available today and have the same low pricing as our phone numbers.

To get a shortcode, contact Tropo support.

Getting started

Getting started with SMS is easy. Just add a US phone number to your application, and start sending and receiving text messages. Don’t have a Tropo account? Our APIs are open to anyone to try for free.

Need help? Support is available 24×7.

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  4. Danny Briere says:

    Question: In this blog you say, “Text messages sent to outside the US are 2 cents per message, regardless of the destination.” But when you look up your international SMS pricing on your pricing page, say to Kenya, it says $0.17. What is your international SMS pricing per message?

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