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Hack and win with Tropo at php|tek

Posted on May 13, 2011 by Adam Kalsey

It’s ironic that most developer conferences are nothing but speakers. It’s like developers spend all year avoiding meetings so they can come to one event and do nothing but sit in meetings for a few days.

I don’t know about you, but I like my developer conferences to include a little developing.

At php|tek in Chicago May 24-27, Tropo is hosting a developer contest and a hackathon on Thursday night. We want to help you take all the ideas you’re learning at the conference and put them into practice building something useful. We’re starting the hackathon right after all the sessions are over, so you won’t even need to miss your favorite speaker.

In addition to Tropo, a large number of other projects will be at the hackathon to help you get started with their stuff. CouchDB, Frapi, Gowalla, JoindIn, Node.js, Phergie, PEAR, PHP Core QA, Spaz, web2project, Windows Azure, and Zend Framework will all be represented, in many cases by the project creators and leads. You don’t need to hack on one of these projects, of course, but we’ll all be there to help and answer questions if you want to.

“But I was going to go grab dinner and a drink!” you might say. Well, hey, we’ll have food and drink there, too. “I was going to hang out with my friends!” They’re all going to be there. “I need to go shoe shopping.” Uhhh, you’re on your own there. See you when you get back.

In addition to the Thursday hack event, Tropo’s putting on a contest. Build an application using Tropo and PHP, and win fabulous prizes. You can work on it at the hackathon or on your own time.

The developer contest runs all through the conference. Heck, start today if you want. Tropo’s communications APIs are free for development use and have native PHP support, so there’s no reason not to enter. Entries are due Friday at 9am and a panel of your brilliant peers will be judging you, or at least your application, to pick a winner to announce at the closing keynote.

The Official Rules for this contest can be found on the Tropo site. The highlights are…

  • Contest open to residents of the 50 United States and DC 13 or older
  • Eligible entries must use Tropo and PHP
  • Contest runs from May 12, 2011 12:00am Central time to May 27, 2011 9am Central time
  • Prizes are an Apple iPad for first place, second place gets a Parrot.AR Drone quadricopter, and third place wins an Amazon Kindle.
  • Entries will be judged according to the Extent of Tropo Features Utilized, End User Experience, and Perceived Commercial Viability
  • To enter, complete the entry form at

In case that’s not enough Tropo-powered goodness for you, I’ll be giving two different talks at php|tek. Wednesday at 3pm, I’ll be showing how you can use Drupal as an Application Development Platform. The next day, Thursday at 4pm, come hear why you should be adding Voice, IM, and SMS to your web applications and how to do it with Tropo, Phono, and a variety of open source tools and open standards.

We look forward to seeing you at tek! Bring your questions, your code, and your laptop. We’ll take care of everything else.

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