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Controlling your Browser with your Phone and Grails

Posted on May 23, 2011 by mpermar

I’ve called this blog post ‘Controlling your Browser with your Phone and Grails’ but I perfectly could have named it ‘Building Publish / Subscribe Apps with Tropo and Redis Revisited’ as what I’m going to show you here is basically a remake of Mark Headd’s super-awesome blog post from April 4th that showed how you could create voice-powered publish-subscribe applications using Redis and Tropo.

In Mark’s example you learnt how to create an application that was able to react to your orders from your telephone switching the color of your browser. I thought it was super-cool, and I also thought that it would be very cool to recreate the same example but using WebApi and Grails instead of Tropo Scripting.

The architecture of this project is very similar to Mark’s architecture. You can check it out here. The main differences are basically that my application is based in the WebApi model and that it uses Cometd to communicate from the server to the browser. I’ve uploaded a screencast to YouTube that explains the source code and that shows the application in action:

The source code for this sample project is available at Github. I hope you like it!

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