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Telephony Black Magic with Tropo, Node.js and Redis

Posted on June 28, 2011 by Adam Kalsey

In a previous post and screencast on this blog, I demonstrated an example application that highlights some of the more unique features of Tropo to support realtime applications.

Tropo’s unique ability to write to, and read from persistent socket connections during the execution of a call sets it apart from other platforms, and creates opportunities to do things that other platforms can only dream of.

In this screencast, I build upon and extend my earlier example using Redis, Node.js and jQuery to allow a user to inject text into a running Tropo session and have it read out over the phone using Text-to-Speech.

Here is an overview of the technical components of this example application (opens in new window).

What I get really excited about in this demo application – the code for which can be found on GitHub – is the ability to send TTS output to multiple subscribers. Redis’ PubSub functionality will send a message published on a channel to all subscribers, so if you have multiple people called in to your app, every one of them will get the message sent from a single publisher.

How cool is that?!?

if you’re building a realtime application that requires voice, SMS or IM functionality, look no further than the Tropo platform.

With Tropo and powerful tools like Redis and Node.js, you can make telephony black magic.

Have fun!

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