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Announcing Phono Mobile

Posted on July 22, 2011 by Adam Kalsey

If you haven’t yet played with Phono, our in-browser softphone and messaging API, now you have a new excuse to try it. Phono is a jQuery plugin that adds voice over IP and real-time messaging to any browser with only a few lines of JavaScript. Now it’s available for mobile devices, too.

We’ve built native iOS and Android media plugins and teamed with PhoneGap so that any developer can easily add crystal clear HD voice and two way chat to their iPhone, iPod, and Android applications. Phono’s wideband audio makes Phono-to-Phono callers sound like they’re in the same room and it works both on the desktop and on mobile devices.

Oh, did we mention it’s all open source?

Over on the Phono blog, we’ve got some ideas on what you can build.

PhoneGap also provides tools for packaging HTML5 code as a native mobile app for inclusion in the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace. Phono Mobile integrates seamlessly with PhoneGap to add voice over Internet (VoIP) calling, IM and real-time messaging to any HTML5 application!

  • Games – Mobile game developers can now easily add in-game audio conferencing and chat to their titles.
  • Social Apps – Since Phono makes calls over the Internet, social apps can connect people without exchanging phone numbers or using the caller’s airtime minutes. Call anywhere in the world without long distance charges.
  • Collaboration – Whiteboard and screen sharing apps can instantly add audio and chat with just a few lines of code
  • Click-to-Call – Dial any phone number directly from your application or web page – think Salesforce, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Customer Service – Combine Phono Mobile with Tropo’s Cloud Communications API to create voice-enabled self-service applications which can include: speech recognition and text-to-speech in 24 languages, conferencing, call recording, voice transcription, and call transfers.

The Phono site also has some great demos and sample code, both for mobile applications and for adding native voice and messaging to your browser. Your Tropo username and password works over on the Phono site, so join the nearly 10,000 developers who are already building with Phono.

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