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Voxeo Customer Summit 2011

Posted on October 18, 2011 by Adam Kalsey

Another successful Voxeo Customer Summit came and went. This year’s sold out show featured our accomplishments achieved over the past year and highlighted new technology on the roadmaps scheduled for launch over the next year. Voxeo Labs had its own technology track at the show conducting workshops and deep technology dives on Tropo, Phono, SMSified, and the technology that powers it all, PRISM. Also getting a lot of attention at this conference was Rayo, our new real-time communications protocol. Many of these sessions were standing room only!

Our Private Cloud message received much attention at the event. Using our PRISM SIP / Media server, customers can deploy open source cloud instances of Tropo and the Phono Gateway in their own data centers or through public cloud PaaS vendors. In this configuration, Tropo and Phono can be white-labeled to better fit companies’ existing branding strategies. Our APIs can also be extended to better suit your needs. PRISM is truly carrier-grade cloud technology meaning that it can be virtualized to handle an incredibly large number of simultaneous calls using industry standard SIP-based VoIP with multi-tenant capabilities and clustering to offer extremely high availability.

Hands-on workshops for Tropo, Phono, and SMSified were conducted by Mark Headd and Jose de Castro. Customers were developing next generation communicants applications by the end of each session. A deep dive on PRISM and Rayo were conducted by Jose de Castro and the GWOB / Tropo-sponsored BurningMan communications project was recapped by Chris Matthieu.

We would like to thank each and every one of our customers and partners who attended this event. As you probably noticed from attending this event, we are obsessed with your success and feedback. See you again next year!

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