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Customer Spotlight: FetchNotes

Posted on November 4, 2011 by Adam Kalsey

We finally got a chance to catch up with the guys (@_chaselee and @alexschiff) behind the popular new notes service called FetchNotes!

What makes FetchNotes so cool? For one, it has a super simple web UI. The entire site behaves like an app and leverages Python’s Tornado Webserver and AJAX to add and tag notes without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. Tags are basically hashtagged keywords in the note that allow the app to categorize notes by topic.

Secondly, FetchNotes leverages Tropo to deliver a truly multichannel communications experience. Today FetchNotes extensively leverages Tropo’s SMS services but the team has already started working on adding Tropo’s Voice with transcription service as well as Tropo’s Instant Messaging services on all of the IM networks including: GTalk, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and Jabber! We may even see support in the near future for in-browser, voice-powered note taking using Tropo’s Javascript Phone API, Phono.

Thirdly, Chase and Alex are working to add groups and third-party integration into other services such as GitHub or Google Calendar. This would allow developers, testers, and users to take a note about a #feature or #bug and tag it accordingly and watch the note get pushed to other services as GitHub issues or even calendar entries on Google!

The FetchNotes service is still in private beta but the first 50 new subscribers that click on will be allowed to register for the service and check out the new coolness first hand!

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