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Introducing TropoVBX

Posted on November 16, 2011 by Team Tropo

As you may recall, Disruptive Technologies recently extended the capabilities of OpenVBX (the open source cloud PBX software) to run on our Tropo cloud communications platform. The original blog post announcing this project was entitled, “Jailbreaking OpenVBX“. This title was chosen carefully because at the time of the post, OpenVBX only ran on a single cloud platform. Disruptive Technologies was able to extend the communications layer of this application to not only add support for Tropo but also simplify future efforts involved in adding support for other platforms such as Asterisk, FreeSwitch, and others.

As it turns out, the original repository maintainers declined to accept Disruptive Technologies’ GitHub pull request to merge the code bases and asked that the name of the new project be changed, effectively requesting a formal fork of the open source project. Here is the new GitHub repository for TropoVBX.

The TropoVBX fork still provides support for multiple platforms – including the platform of the original repository maintainer. Disruptive Technologies will also be merging updates from the original fork where possible and continuing to add new features to TropoVBX as time permits. Because TropoVBX now runs on the Tropo platform, there are many new and advanced features only supported Tropo which include:

  1. Speech Recognition in 24 languages
  2. Text-to-Speech in 24 languages with male and females voices for each
  3. Support for biometrics on password resets
  4. Ability to route Skype calls into TropoVBX
  5. Ability to support true SIP VoIP in and out of the platform
  6. Phono web phone integration
  7. International SMS
  8. Phone numbers in 41 countries
  9. Multiple phone numbers supported per callflow
  10. Large conference calls

Please feel free to clone, contribute, and fork the new TropoVBX project and use our logo as you see fit. Our version of this project will remain truly open in every sense of the word and spirit of open source.

8 Responses

  1. Awesome work guys! It’s very telling of the good spirit Tropo and Voxeo have that you will continue to keep this fork open source and up to date. Thanks!

  2. > Ability to support true SIP VoIP in and out of the platform

    Does this mean you can connect a SIP phone and place calls using that?

  3. Marat,

    Yes, TropoVBX supports true SIP VOIP in and out of the platform. Ever Tropo application that gets created is issued a true SIP address. You can use this SIP address for calling into TropoVBX using any SIP phone. You can also dial any SIP address directly from the web phone in TropoVBX!


  4. Nicolas says:

    Good work with TropoVBX. One quick question how do you change the default Text-to-Speech voice from english to another language?

  5. cmatthieu says:

    Tropo supports over 24 languages with both male and female voices in each language ( TropoVBX may require a language feature to be added to the project to take advantage of our international platform.

    The update would be rather simple since all you need to do is add a voice parameter to the say methods in the source code of the TropoVBX project. I would encourage you to add this feature and send us a pull request.


  6. Colin says:

    Great news, Tropo (esp the speech recognition) + OpenVPX (err TropoVBX) is a perfect solution for my needs as Asterisk is overkill and there aren’t many other options..

    However, I’m really looking forward to TropoVBX merging the latest OpenVBX updates as TropoVBX is currently based on the August version of OpenVBX and hasn’t seen an update since the fork.. Is there a reason for this? It seems Tropo doesn’t have an equivalent of Twilio Connect and OpenVBX is putting a lot into the multi-tenancy with this feature, is that the reason for the lack of updates?

    Thanks, Colin

  7. Felipe says:

    Colin u have a point. I guess the difficult thing is to keep both versions updated with the latest releases. I look forward to the next update 🙂 thanks, this project rocks!

  8. Chris says:

    Is the issue with inbound call flows not being found (due to TropoVBX generating incorrect urls) a show-stopper?

    I’m mainly interested in inbound call processing at the moment and would prefer to use Tropo but if OpenVBX doesn’t have this issue and TropoVBX does (there’s also no indication on GitHub when it’s likely to be fixed), then I’ll have to go with what works.

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