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Customer Spotlight: flockNote

Posted on December 2, 2011 by Adam Kalsey

We are excited to feature flockNote on this week’s Tropo Customer Spotlight! Today I sat down with Matthew Warner, the Founder of flockNote, and Jeff Geerling, their CTO, to discuss their business and learn more about how they are using Tropo for their Voice and SMS services.

What is flockNote?

  • flockNote is a custom registration and communication tool that takes care of your bulk emailing, text messaging, phone calling, social media and more – all from one place.
  • flockNote is made specifically for Catholic parishes, dioceses and organizations who want to connect with their members using the most effective communication tools of today.
  • It’s simple, friendly and effective. And it gives your leadership team a powerful way to organize and manage all of your communications across your many ministries.

flockNote uses PHP, Drupal, and the Tropo Scripting API to deliver Voice and SMS services to parishioners. They even use one of Tropo’s SMS short codes (84576) to deliver a very high volume of SMS messages on-demand as needed by churches.

To learn more about flockNote, visit their website at!

2 Responses

  1. Lisa Hendey says:

    Flocknote rules! Thank you for featuring Matthew and Jeff! They are doing some amazing work and are definite users in implementing this technology.

  2. sherese says:

    If you (Tropo) charges for incoming and outgoing sms then how is Flocknote able to offer unlimited texting services in their plans? I’m missing something>..because i would love to use Tropo to build a service just like this /=flocknote because their pricing and simplicity is so freaking awesome!! I would love to offer something just like Flocknote to local business people in my area..So…can you please explain how..I too can offer unlimited sending of texts and emails based on group size like Flocknote,,using Tropo without going completely broke..ty

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