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WebPulp.TV Interviews Tropo

Posted on December 20, 2011 by Team Tropo

Jose de Castro, our Chief Architect, was recently interviewed by Josh Owens from WebPulp.TV on the interworkings of Tropo’s Webscale cloud communications platform.

Topics covered include:

  • scripting languages (ruby, python, php, groovy, and javascript)
  • scaling our data centers and APIs
  • message queues (rabbitMQ and activeMQ)
  • media server technology
  • VoIP and SIP QoS
  • redundant telco carriers and networks
  • speech recognition and text-to-speech in 24 languages
  • human vs. answering machine detection
  • virtualization
  • using DNS as key value stores
  • splunk logging
  • sponsorship of adhearsion, the ruby telephony framework
  • rayo, Voxeo Labs’ new realtime communication protocol – Tropo – Jose De Castro from Gaslight Software on Vimeo.

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