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Recovering from the Railsberry Sugar High

Posted on April 24, 2012 by Johnny Diggz

Wow, what an awesome event that the Railsberry team put on last week in Krakow, Poland! It’s difficult to describe in words the attention to detail and coordination by the Applicake and Future Simple crews put into making this a truly memorable event.

The Railsberry team put together some awesome videos as well such as this one from Day 1 and this one from Day 2. I put some video together from the API Bakeoff and Day One.

The highlight of the conference (for me at least) was getting to play the giant grand Yamaha piano at the very end of Day 2 for the entire Railsberry conference. Here’s a video of the performance. You can also check out the lyrics, which have already been transcribed and forked on Github!

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