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International Space Apps Challenge is Out of This World!

Posted on April 26, 2012 by Adam Kalsey

Space Apps Challenge San Francisco with @Astro_Ron

The International Space Apps Challenge was held this past weekend for the first time in 17 countries and 25 cities with over 2,000 developers participating to work on 71 different challenges.

Tropo was a sponsor and I was fortunate enough to participate in the codethon with members of NASA including Astronaut Ron Garan, Chief Information Officer Linda Y. Cureton and Kristen Painting Project Manager for the NASA Open Government Initiative all in attendance at TechShop San Francisco with great enthusiasm.

Despite the abnormally warm San Francisco weather, developers kicked off the weekend presenting their challenges and formed teams to create solutions.  One of my favorite challenges for Space Apps San Francisco were the developers from OpenRov, creating open-source underwater robots for education and exploration of the ocean floor.

Their passionate pitch included a story of 100 pounds of gold lost over 100 years ago in an underwater cave which began their obsession with robots uncovering the sea.  OpenRov won the Open Source Extensibility Award in SF and was the only organization in the world that could mobilize such enthusiastic global participation.

WilloBl00, CristinaSF, Space Apps, Tropo, GWOB

Organizing the event was the fabulous Willow Brugh of GWOB, an organization founded by Tropo’s own Chief Developer Evangelist Johnny Diggz.  An Open Gov champion of the weekend with her space tights, space tie, amazing waffles and exuberant energy.  Thanks @WillowBl00 for an exceptional job leading the weekend!

And thank you to all the participants both in groups and participating online to develop over 100 solutions for the challenges presented in 48 hours!  We look forward seeing all the development over the weekend accelerate and many more codethons of citizen science to come!

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