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Tropo + #RaspberryPI = Delicious #coffee

Posted on November 27, 2012 by Johnny Diggz

Continuing on our recent post about a nifty christmas light hack comes another fun hack from our friends across the pond at Developer Garden.  Last July we announced our partnership with Deutsche Telekom’s Developer Garden allowing developers full access to the Tropo API.   Recently the folks over a Developer Garden got together with some friends at Oracle for a “DIY Workshop” focusing mostly on Mobile-to-Mobile (M2M) devices.

As described on Sascha Wolter’s blog post, this hack involves some custom Java code on a Raspberry Pi.  Raspberry Pi is a very small Linux PC similar in size to embedded boards like Arduino or .Net Gadgeteer.  It also involves a Nepresso coffee machine.  You can see where this is headed?

Mash this up with some custom Tropo code an you can control your coffee machine with your phone.   They were kind enough to record video of the working prototype, although I think it will be some time until we get to see the source code.    In the meantime, here’s the video:

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