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Tropo Powers AT&T Developer Summit 2013 Hackathon Winners

Posted on January 10, 2013 by Johnny Diggz

This past weekend in Las Vegas, AT&T held their 6th Developer Summit and Hackathon at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.   Many of us from the Voxeo Labs team were on hand to assist the hackathon teams with building apps using the AT&T’s new Call Management API powered by Tropo.  The event was a great success with over 400 developers creating over 70 hacks in less than 48 hours.

AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon Photo Copyright @Photo

With over $100,000 worth of prizes, including a $10,000 prize for the best use of the Call Management API, the competition was fierce and there were many teams that took advantage of the call control, sms, speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities that the Call Management API supports.   In fact, many winners of the hackathon and all three finalists that won the opportunity to make it on stage during the opening keynote talks for the Developer Summit, used the Call Management API in one way or another to power their winning apps.  So lets take a look at some of the winners, shall we?

Joyride won the $10k AT&T Call Management API Hackathon prize for using both the AT&T Call Management and WebRTC APIs built on the Ericsson IMS.  Joyride is like a party line for your car to deliver services from music, calling and conferencing, to voice control of web services.

In addition to the hackathon winners, AT&T selected three of the best hacks to do a 2 minute pitch on stage during the keynote presentations at the opening of Developer Summit.  Third place was going to take home $5,000, Second place $10,000 and the First Place Winner took home a whopping $30,000!   We were quite pleased to discover that all three finalists had implemented the Call Management API into their apps.  Also, the winners were picked by audience vote using an SMS voting application…also powered by…(you guessed it!)…the Call Management API.

Finalists Brad Roller (Talk to You Now), Ruggero Scorcioni (Good Times), Mark Davis (HearHere)

The three finalists were, in order of winning (drumroll please):

Third Prize ($5k):   HearHere – by Mark Davis.  Built on Windows Phone, HearHere allows you to share your voice on popular social networks and it’s also its own social network… Powered by your voice.

Second Prize ($10k):  Talk To You Now – Brad Roller (and team).  Talk to You Now uses the Call Management API to translate SMS text messages to voice and vice versa, allowing a driver to communicate via text without using your hands.

First Prize ($30k): Good Times – Ruggero Scorcioni.  The obvious audience favorite, Good Times was a clever hardware hack using brainwave detecting cat ears hooked up to an arduino board and using Axeda’s M2M technology.   It detects the user’s mood based on brainwave activity and used the Call Management API to intelligently route inbound phone calls based on the operators mood (if they are concentrating, route the call to voicemail; if they are relaxed, accept the call).   Fortunately before Ruggero became famous and won the big prize, I was able to catch up with him so he could explain how his clever winning hack works:

Here are a few selections of the excellent press and blogs covering this week’s announcement:

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“AT&T has today expanded the number of tools that developers can use to interface with its network.”

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“AT&T with its Call Management API and WebRTC API powered by Tropo™ and Phono from Voxeo Labs is heralding a change in how we deliver the service that built the industry, voice and more broadly communications.”

From CES: Voxeo Labs’ Tropo Powers AT&T Call Management API – Opus Research

“Incumbent public network operators, like AT&T and Deutsche Telekom expect to prove the value of their multimedia management capabilities, billing systems, network reliability when used on behalf of third-party developers and application providers.”

AT&T Unveils Alpha API Program, WebRTC-Based Call Management API – WebRTC World

“The AT&T Call Management API is the first step toward allowing customers to free their mobile number from a single device, while making it easier for developers to add real-time voice and text communications to Web and mobile apps.”

AT&T prepares to battle OTT players with call management API – Fierce Developer

“AT&T’s Call Management API will let customers add Web telephony to other devices, such as tablets, gaming devices or even the connected car, and use their existing AT&T phone number.”

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