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Meet Joyride by Vobi – Winners of the AT&T Call Management API Hackathon

Posted on January 11, 2013 by Johnny Diggz

Last weekend in Las Vegas, AT&T held their annual Developer Summit and Hackathon. Among the over $100,000 in prizes, AT&T offered a $10,000 prize for the team that best used their new Call Management API, powered by Tropo and the Ericsson IMS for WebRTC.  While there were over 70 cool hacks that came out of the event, the team that won the $10,000 prize was an app called Joyride.

What is Joyride exactly?   With Joyride, your car becomes a media destination for voice and music media. Friends can send music (by request) directly to your car, and join in a voice conference party line.  With Joyride, voice and media are now an experience to share and enjoy while driving.

The Joyride team was the same team behind  Vobi, Inc., who recently landed $1.5 million in funding from Trailblazer Capital and includes CEO,  Mark Castleman, CTO Cameron Cooper, CTO and Creative Director Brian Maloney.

The Joyride technology stack included:

  • webRTC
  • Call Management APIs: Conference/TTS/DID
  • Facebook  Graph API
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQL
  • jQuery
  • Spotify api
  • Pusher/websockets
  • ajax

What’s in the future for the Vobi team?   Joyride is an early example of leveraging the mobile identity for content sharing.  In the case of Joyride, the content sharing is the music media, as well as the voice media.  Vobi is going to be expanding on that concept in real ways that make a difference for the mobile user and mobile service provider.

If you’d like to learn more about Vobi, sign up on their list here:

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