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Talk candy to me…using Tropo and Cumulocity

Posted on January 22, 2013 by May Yip

Continuing on our recent post about a clever phone-enabled coffee machine hack comes another ingenious hack from our friends at Developer Garden. (We announced our partnership with Deutsche Telekom’s Developer Garden giving developers full access to the Telekom Tropo API last year.) Flexing that well-known German ingenuity, these developers created a phone-enabled vending machine app. Yes, you can now get your 4pm gummy bear fix by simply talking to the vending machine. You no longer have to scrounge for change or ask your coworker to borrow another quarter, simply call up your vending machine and just ask nicely.

As described on Sascha Wolter’s blog post, this hack used a couple APIs from Developer Garden; the Telekom Tropo API and the M2M Developer Platform API powered by the Nokia Siemens Networks subsidiary Cumulocity who also has a cloud-based vending machine telemetry solution, VendMe, in its portfolio.

For their proof of concept, Sascha Wolter and Frank Zimmer created a PHP application which connects to the API of the vending machine via REST with JSON and uses Tropo´s call-handling capabilities.

Frank and Sascha will be at the Embedded World Fair with their phone-controlled vending machine in booth 5-307. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek:

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