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Crunched: Sales and Marketing Calls that Close More Deals with the Tropo and Phono APIs

Posted on March 5, 2013 by May Yip

Crunched LogoCrunched is a sales and marketing intelligence platform that helps its users close more deals with deeper insights into their customers. Crunched uses the Tropo and Phono APIs to provide conferencing services.

Roger Billerey-Mosier, VP Engineering and Product at Crunched explained,

“Tropo provides unmatched reliability and customer support. You need a partner that’s there 24/7, that has the deep expertise in telecoms, that has engineered a platform that I feel confident in running our business upon at scale. Voxeo Labs is that partner.”

For sales people, manually entering all their calls, meetings, emails and other customer contacts into CRM packages like SalesForce is a massive time sink, resulting in spotty and duplicated data entry. Crunched automates most of these tasks. Crunched also measures who’s paying attention in meetings, who’s reading emailed presentations and how much time they spend reading each slide. Crunched automatically records calls and reminds the user about sending follow-ups to their customers. All this functionality is packaged in a simple web interface with no download. Crunched supports all the use cases you’d expect: online presentations, screen sharing, webinars, online meetings and web conferencing.

Crunched has just launched their wideband voice service using Voxeo Labs’ Phono API. Roger declared,

“Phono from Voxeo Labs enabled us to quickly deploy a state-of-the-art experience for our customers. Narrowband conference calls can be tiring to listen to; wideband voice is much more natural and easier to listen to. We’re interested to see the impact for our users in closing more deals using wideband voice, and Crunched makes this measurable.”

The idea for Crunched came from the founder Sean Black. From 2005 to 2010, Sean was founding VP Sales at Trulia, which is now the second largest consumer real estate site in the US. He had to build out sales and training procedures to ensure collateral was used consistently throughout the organization and get new sales people up to speed quickly. Crunched started on this proposition, but quickly evolved into what it is today, a full-fledged sales and marketing intelligence platform that helps companies close more deals with deeper insights into their customers.

Roger’s advice to other developers building on Telecom APIs is,

“Phones have been around so long, they seem to ‘just work’, and it’s tempting to think of phone calls as 100% reliable. But like any network application, when working with lots of calls, devices and carriers, there are lots and lots of failure conditions. You need a partner that understands this complex thing called the voice network, what’s normal and what’s not, and what you can do to ensure communications success for our customers. Voxeo Labs uniquely has this deep understanding.”

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