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Now Tropo has 80 Languages

Posted on October 28, 2015 by Adam Kalsey

Tropo Languages

To make sure our customers always have the highest quality speech recognition and text to speech, Tropo continuously evaluates speech vendors, tweaking our languages here and there. Today, we’re doing more than just a tweak and releasing our largest update of languages in four years.

Tropo now speaks 80 different languages and dialects, offering 90 unique male and female voices across 46 languages for text to speech, and performing speech recognition in 74 languages and regional accents. These new speech recognition languages include a variety of Asian languages.

As part of the change, we’ve retired some voices that weren’t often used, and some where we were able to get a better quality voice in the same language. You don’t need to worry about your applications, though, since we’ve made sure all the old voice names still work, playing their better sounding replacements instead.

The new voices and languages are available today in the free developer environment, so you can test them out and check your applications with the new speech. In the next few weeks, we’ll launch the upgraded voices into our production servers as well. We urge you to test your applications and the various voices to make sure you’re using the best possible voice for your application.

The complete list of available voices and recognizers are available in our documentation.

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