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Transcription Fees are coming starting June 1. (Really.)

Posted on May 17, 2016 by JP Shipherd

For a while now, our pricing page has said that our optional feature that allows developers to get transcriptions for a call recording has a cost of 5 cents per minute. In reality we haven’t been passing that cost onto you as we’ve worked to move this from an experimental feature into a production-ready capability.

As of June 1, that will change, and you can expect to see the costs for transcriptions added to your service fees. As advertised, those fees will be 5 cents per minute for each recording that you request a transcription for.

If you’ve been using transcription heavily, this may significantly increase your monthly invoice as transcription is generally more expensive than most of Tropo’s per-minute rates for voice calls. We believe that our ability to provide transcriptions of recorded calls adds value to your Tropo based solutions and checked that the price we charge for transcription is at a fair value in the market.

We are working hard to add new features that make Tropo easier and better to use. Keep watching our blog announcements or follow us on Twitter. Feel free to post comments or reach out to with any questions.

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