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Timestamped Watermarks for Apps in Free Development Environment

Posted on October 17, 2016 by JP Shipherd

We frequently receive feedback that iterative development on Tropo scripting apps in the free development environment can be frustrating because it takes some time for updated script files to propagate to all of Tropo’s global servers. The impact of this is felt when a developer hits the “Save” button in Tropo’s scripting editor and makes a test call, but the previous version of the script is still being active for that test call.

The Tropo platform doesn’t give the developer any feedback on which version of the script was executed so the developer may spend debugging cycles only to conclude that the latest version of their script was not executed. Experienced developers often put a say(“”) with some unique text at the top of the script for assurance about the version running.

In our upcoming release we plan to address this by adding watermarks to applications that run in the development environment. When this goes into effect the first prompt in a call or message in a messaging application will provide the timestamp of the of the script that is being run.

For every call and message that connects through the Tropo service you will see or hear a message like this: “Welcome to Tropo. The script is last updated on [time, date]

Once you are done with your development efforts you can move your app into production and this watermark will disappear. We hope that this speeds up your iterative development cycle and inspires you to move your fully developed apps into production!

If you have any questions, please visit our support page.

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