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Releasing Unused Numbers

Posted on March 6, 2017 by JP Shipherd

At Tropo we love to make it free and easy to sign up and start developing. It’s time for a bit of spring cleaning though and we found that there are almost 100, 000 numbers assigned to Tropo developer apps, the majority of which have not been used in the last few months. Going forward we will be implementing a policy where numbers associated with development apps that are not used in 90 days will automatically be returned to our number pools. These unused numbers do cost us money and could be reused in the larger production pool.  If you have a strong affection for your number and worry that it might be impacted the easiest thing to do is simply move your application to production. With prices as low as 1$ per month it’s a simple and cost effective way to guarantee you’ll keep your number even if you aren’t using it.

For now, we will release every number that wasn’t used for more than 90 days coming April 30. I.e. every number that didn’t make or receive a call or SMS since Feb 1st will be released back into the common phone numbers pool.

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