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New Policies for Phone Numbers

Posted on February 28, 2018 by Sanjiv Parikh

In order to ensure that our developers have access to a geographically diverse pool of numbers, we changed the way we handle phone number availability in the free development environment.

  • Applications in this environment will only be able to add a limited amount of United States PSTN phone numbers per account. Accounts with no credit card information will be limited to 2 phone numbers. Developers who have added a credit card to their account may associate up to 30 phone numbers across all their development applications, at no cost.
  • For access to more numbers, toll-free numbers, or international numbers, please move your app to the production environment, upgrading your account by providing your billing credentials in the portal as necessary.
  • We will soon be announcing a policy to automatically recover phone numbers associated with developer applications that have not been used for a significant time period. Developers who wish to guarantee access to their numbers are encouraged to move their applications to our production environment.

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