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How Gists can help for Tropo Scripting Development

Posted June 2, 2016 by Steve Sfartz
When you go to production, you want the Tropo Scripting Platform to host your scripts so that you get all the scalability and robustness for free as these lay on Tropo operations' shoulders, 24/7. This is the best practice to handle heavy workload, and this makes Tropo unique for serious communications business logic. For that Read More >>

AR Drones!!

Posted August 19, 2011 by jdyer
We had decided to give a people a bit more time to submit their awesome applications for the AR Drone, but please remember that the extension ends tomorrow.  If you want to do a last minute submission you can check out the rules and submission guidelines on our GitHub Repository. The rules are simple, and can Read More >>

Deploying Tropo Apps with

Posted April 22, 2011 by Adam Kalsey
On a visit to Nashville, Tennessee, for the PHP Community Conference (Tropo is one of the sponsors) I got to hear a talk from Helgi Þorbjörnsson on front-end caching techniques. During his talk Helgi mentioned a new Git-based deployment service for PHP applications - Orchestra. Orchestra is very similar to other Git-based deployment service for Read More >>