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Customer Spotlight: flockNote

Posted December 2, 2011 by Adam Kalsey
We are excited to feature flockNote on this week's Tropo Customer Spotlight! Today I sat down with Matthew Warner, the Founder of flockNote, and Jeff Geerling, their CTO, to discuss their business and learn more about how they are using Tropo for their Voice and SMS services. What is flockNote? flockNote is a custom registration Read More >>

Keeping it Realtime with Tropo and Pusher

Posted November 18, 2011 by Adam Kalsey
We've done lots of examples on this blog of building realtime apps with Tropo. Tropo is so conducive to building realtime apps with telephone components that you can pair it with almost any technology stack and add some extra hotness. Node.js, Redis, XMPP... The list gets longer today with the addition of Pusher - a Read More >>

My Voice is My Password. Verify Me.

Posted August 23, 2011 by Team Tropo
I remember watching the movie Sneakers (probably 20 times) and would always rewind the part where they could unlock doors with their voice. The technology, known as voice print identification or voice bio authorization, was demonstrated by the geek Werner Brandes when he utters the words, "My voice is my password. Verify me", to gain Read More >>