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Speech Enabling Open311

Posted August 9, 2011 by Adam Kalsey
Since SpeechTEK is this week, I thought it was a good time to update a post I did several months ago on using speech recognition to capture a street address. There are lots of reasons why you might want to collect a caller's address over the phone. In open government circles, there has been a Read More >>

Tropo Speaks your Language – 24 in all

Posted July 1, 2011 by Adam Kalsey
October 2015 Update: Tropo now supports 80 languages. Tropo's international support is one of the features people love best about us. Numbers in 41 countries, SMS delivery worldwide, and text to speech and speech recognition in 9 languages. Wait, only nine languages? Surely we can do better. Tropo can now speak and understand 17 new Read More >>

Fallback to text to speech if your audio fails

Posted June 28, 2011 by Adam Kalsey
Here's a quick tip that's an answer to a common question: What happens if my audio file cannot be played? If you provide the URL to an audio file in Tropo's say function Tropo will fetch it and play it. But what if you have a mistake in your URL? Or your server is down? Read More >>