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How to Build a VoIP-Based Baby Monitor

Posted February 17, 2011 by Adam Kalsey
Two members of the Phono/Tropo team, and soon a third member, have recently added new babies to their families. Congratulations Mark, Justin, and John! All of this excitement got the hacker in me thinking…  What would a modern Baby Monitor look like today?  Armed with the Phono and Tropo APIs, I started hacking and 2 hours Read More >>

Asterisk & Tropo and a Single Adhearsion Dialplan

Posted October 8, 2010 by Jason Goecke
A key goal of Tropo AGItate is to allow you to use Tropo seamlessly with an existing Asterisk server. With AGItate you may add any Tropo feature to your existing Asterisk server without installing additional Asterisk modules and using the AGI protocol you already know. These features include: Speech Synthesis/TTS in 7 languages and 2 dialects Speech Read More >>