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Tropo Sponsors the Summer of Smart

Posted June 24, 2011 by Adam Kalsey
Tropo is thrilled to be sponsoring the Summer of Smart program in the City of San Francisco. "Sumer of Smart" is a three month long series of events and discussions centered around urban innovation - it will bring together people from many different disciplines to work on strategies and applications to benefit those that live Read More >>

Announcing New lower SMS pricing

Posted May 11, 2011 by Adam Kalsey
Ever since Tropo became the first phone API to SMS enable existing voice phone numbers, we've been signing up SMS developers at a breakneck pace. When asked what you love about Tropo, you said the ease of use, unbelievable support, and our low pricing are the biggest reasons you use Tropo's text messaging API to Read More >>

Sending outbound SMS with Java

Posted May 6, 2011 by mpermar
Tropo's Java API allows you to send SMS messages from your Java applications with little or no effort. In this blog post I'll go through a very simple application that sends an SMS message with very few lines of code. To make it a little bit more exciting I will use Quartz's latest version. If Read More >>