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Tropo and Tethr at Google IO 2012

Posted June 27, 2012 by Adam Kalsey
Tropo has teamed up with Tethr to demonstrate a great new disaster relief communications platform at Google I/O in San Francisco today. Tethr lets people get connected to each other and the Internet after a disaster. It’s a unique platform that lets people and organizations work together in difficult circumstances anywhere in the world whether Read More >>

International Space Apps Challenge is Out of This World!

Posted April 26, 2012 by Adam Kalsey
[caption id="attachment_5855" align="alignleft" width="300"] Space Apps Challenge San Francisco with @Astro_Ron[/caption] The International Space Apps Challenge was held this past weekend for the first time in 17 countries and 25 cities with over 2,000 developers participating to work on 71 different challenges. Tropo was a sponsor and I was fortunate enough to participate in the Read More >>

Auto-Returning Phone Calls with Tropo

Posted March 5, 2012 by Team Tropo
Using Tropo's Scripting API and Ruby, I wrote a clever little script that allows you to automatically return missed calls from people as soon as you hang up a phone call. Here is the use case: User A calls user B While users A and B talking, user C calls user B Tropo script records Read More >>