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Tropo’s new Text To Speech Engine

Posted December 14, 2016 by Ralf Schiffert
I happen to contact call centers occasionally. For example, when I get a new internet connection at home, need an RMA or for a dozen other reasons. On many occasions, I really appreciate how hard agents try and I’m grateful for the help they provide. What stops me in my tracks though, is if they Read More >>

Now Tropo has 80 Languages

Posted October 28, 2015 by Adam Kalsey
To make sure our customers always have the highest quality speech recognition and text to speech, Tropo continuously evaluates speech vendors, tweaking our languages here and there. Today, we’re doing more than just a tweak and releasing our largest update of languages in four years. Tropo now speaks 80 different languages and dialects, offering 90 Read More >>

WebPulp.TV Interviews Tropo

Posted December 20, 2011 by Team Tropo
Jose de Castro, our Chief Architect, was recently interviewed by Josh Owens from WebPulp.TV on the interworkings of Tropo's Webscale cloud communications platform. Topics covered include: scripting languages (ruby, python, php, groovy, and javascript) scaling our data centers and APIs message queues (rabbitMQ and activeMQ) media server technology VoIP and SIP QoS redundant telco carriers Read More >>