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Control your Christmas lights by phone using Arduino and Tropo

Posted November 26, 2012 by Johnny Diggz
Get into the holiday spirit with this fun hack by Tropo developer Anthony Webb.  This video demonstrates how you can hack your G-35 Holiday Lights by mashing them up with Arduino, Tropo, Nodejs, and a little dash of Ruby code.   It also shows the speed of Tropo's scripting engine using TCP sockets. This allows for Read More >>

Startup World – Mexico City

Posted October 4, 2012 by Johnny Diggz
We're so happy to be a partner with Startup World, a 36-city worldwide competition to find the most world-changing innovative companies. Startup World is the brainchild of Hermione Way, founder of Newspepper, SIlicon Valley video director of The Next Web, co-founder of Ingite and soon-to-be-tv-star of the upcoming reality show, Silicon Valley Start-Ups, airing on Read More >>

Recovering from the Railsberry Sugar High

Posted April 24, 2012 by Johnny Diggz
Wow, what an awesome event that the Railsberry team put on last week in Krakow, Poland! It's difficult to describe in words the attention to detail and coordination by the Applicake and Future Simple crews put into making this a truly memorable event. The Railsberry team put together some awesome videos as well such as Read More >>