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WebSockets and Tropo, Putting the Real-Time in Your Communications

Posted December 16, 2010 by Jason Goecke
Interactive applications require low-latency, just like phone calls, in order to make them real-time and natural. While REST drives much of the APIs on the web today, sometimes it just adds too much overhead and therefore introduces latency. In steps WebSockets, a part of the HTML5 standard. WebSockets provide a persistent bi-directional connection between your users Read More >>

OpenGov hackathon wrapup (and the winners!)

Posted August 23, 2010 by Adam Kalsey
Saturday and Sunday, a bunch of developers wrapped up Seattle Geek Week by participating in an hackathon to build apps with government APIs and data. Here's what you missed... Tropo fueled the hacking by providing plenty of food and drink. We had several developers around to help people with their projects, as did Socrata. Amazon Read More >>