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New Grails based WebApi implementation

Posted on February 8, 2011 by mpermar

Grails LogoWe are happy to announce that today we just have released a brand new Grails based implementation of our WebApi. If you don’t know Grails, it is a Groovy based framework built in Java that lets you create very quickly applications that may run in any JVM powered application server like Tomcat, Oracle WebLogic or IBM WebSphere.

Grails is built on top of common Java application frameworks like Spring or Hibernate and therefore it lets you take advantage of all the already existing Java code but at the same time offering the flexibility and rapid development that platforms like Ruby on Rails are offering.

So, we are proud to expand our commitment to developers by supporting one of the coolest application frameworks out there. This is again an Open Source API so if you want to get started with it then you may head to the actual source code at Github. There is many unit tests built-in where you can find code samples. There is also a tutorial and a documentation page that you will find at the Grails plugin page. The plugin is already available in the official Grails repository page so you may use it in all your Grails applications just by running:

grails install-plugin tropo-webapi-grails

If you are using an IDE like SpringSource STS then you will happy to know that the plugin is also available from the Plugin Manager’s list of plugins so you can quickly import it in your grails based projects.

The next few days we will publishing up some examples that will help you to get started with this platform.

We hope you like it!

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