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StarHub launches Tropo API platform for voice and SMS

Posted on November 11, 2013 by Johnny Diggz

Continuing with our ever-growing list of Telco partners, StarHub has announced it is launching SmartFoundry, allowing web developers to leverage the telco’s voice and SMS capabilities to make it easier to create apps and services.

starhub-tropoStarHub, based in Singapore, joins several major telcos and mobile providers, including Deutsche Telekom (Germany), Globe (Philipines) and AT&T (USA) that leverage the simple-yet-powerful Tropo API to open up voice and messaging features to an entire new generation of developers.

StarHub’s API platform, called SmartFoundry, will be completely free for developers during its beta rollout and the company plans to add additional features in the coming months.   This weekend they will be holding a free one-day hackathon at The Hub in Singapore to introduce developers to the new features of SmartFoundry (I will be on hand as well to assist with the event).

Please join us in welcoming StarHub, our newest Tropo partner and if you’re in Singapore this weekend, stop by the hackathon and say hi!

Register for the Enterprise Communications Made Easy Hackathon:  Hackathon Registration

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