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Announcing Tropo Connect

Posted on February 26, 2015 by Johnny Diggz

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Tropo Connect, the world’s first In-Call apps platform.  What is an In-Call app, you ask?  Excellent question!

In-Call Apps with Tropo Connect

Hundreds of thousands of developers have launched millions of apps since we launched in 2009.  Traditional Tropo apps involve a virtual phone number that users can call (or text) and interact with a Tropo app, or that app can call (or text) end users. Examples of traditional Tropo apps include two-factor authentication services, robo-dialers, survey apps, and conference call apps.

In-Call Apps takes a different approach, using existing phone numbers (instead of virtual numbers), opening up the full power of the telephone network and allowing developers to do all kinds of fancy things before, during and after a phone call is connected.

In-Call Apps are location aware and integrate nicely with your favorite API’s using JavaScript. For example, let’s say you’re sitting at home blasting some White Stripes on Spotify and your phone rings. A simple Tropo Connect app could 1) know that you’re home, 2) know that you’ve got an incoming phone call, and 3) know that you likely want to turn the volume down on your music in order to answer the phone. So before your phone even rings, the Tropo Connect app is already lowering your volume.

Another example could be a Tropo Connect application that is connected to the API. One of your important clients calls your cell phone to place an order. A Tropo Connect app could hit the Salesforce API, recognize the caller ID as one of your clients, record the call, attach the recording to a “To-do” item in Salesforce and you didn’t even have to walk off the green.

Internet of Things (IoT) with Tropo Connect

When paired with the new wave of IoT consumer devices that have recently been taking the world by storm, Tropo Connect becomes a powerful tool to automate your home or business. Because Tropo Connect apps are location aware, you can turn on your lights automatically when you arrive home, or connect with your smart thermostat to save money when you are away from home. Or even lock your doors from down the block. The options are only limited to your imagination.

Making Money with Tropo Connect

Tropo Connect is completely free for developers. When you’re ready to launch your Tropo Connect app to the world, just let us know because we’d love to help you monetize it.

Sign up for the Tropo Connect Beta

The Tropo Connect Beta is open for existing Tropo Developers. You can sign up to join the beta today at


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