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Upcoming Rate Changes for International Calling and Messaging

Posted on December 18, 2017 by JP Shipherd

It has been two years since we last changed our rates at Tropo. At that time we announced reductions in costs for calls and messaging to and from US numbers as well as reducing the cost for most of our international numbers from $10 to $6 a month.

In those last two years, we have seen rates for international calling and messaging change dramatically. While we’ve tried to keep our rates consistent, our primary goal is to ensure that we provide a platform with high reliability and quality. In order to meet that goal, today we are announcing across the board changes for the rates for calls, messages and phone numbers for non-US countries. In many cases rates have gone down, in particular, you will notice that there are now several countries where phone numbers cost significantly less than $6 per month. With that said rates have also gone up in other areas including monthly recurring charges as well as our per-minute and per-message fees.

The new pricing will become effective as of January 8, 2018.

How these rate changes will impact you depends on the countries and regions where you do your calling and messaging. Some of our customers will see their bills go down and some will see their bills go up.  If your traffic is done primarily in the United States you should see no change. Customers that have an Enterprise Contract will not be impacted by this change while their contract remains in force.  

In order to help you determine the impact on you we are providing the following files for download:

Going forward we anticipate that our rates will change from time to time as costs go up and down. When this happens we will blog about the changes in advance so you can plan accordingly.

Thanks for working with Tropo!

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