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Node.JS Magic 8 Ball Voice App

Posted December 23, 2011 by Team Tropo
Remember the Magic 8 Ball game from yesteryear? How would you like to have the game with you in your pocket when difficult answers are required. I built this Magic 8 Ball game using Node.JS and the Tropo WebAPI. If you roll the array up to a single line of code, you're only looking at Read More >>

Sending outbound SMS with Java

Posted May 6, 2011 by mpermar
Tropo's Java API allows you to send SMS messages from your Java applications with little or no effort. In this blog post I'll go through a very simple application that sends an SMS message with very few lines of code. To make it a little bit more exciting I will use Quartz's latest version. If Read More >>

Deploying Tropo Apps with

Posted April 22, 2011 by Adam Kalsey
On a visit to Nashville, Tennessee, for the PHP Community Conference (Tropo is one of the sponsors) I got to hear a talk from Helgi Þorbjörnsson on front-end caching techniques. During his talk Helgi mentioned a new Git-based deployment service for PHP applications - Orchestra. Orchestra is very similar to other Git-based deployment service for Read More >>